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#20 - Jillian Funes: from software development to product management

Today's episode is with Jillian Funes, Technical product manager at Canopy Servicings. We have discussed several topics from how to get into product management, transitioning from software development to product management, difference between project management and product management, and much more!

00:00 Intro

00:42 Jillian Intro

00:55 What is Canopy and what they offer

02:13 What is the role of a technical product manager

03:13 What is the flow to take a product from planning to development

10:27 Utilizing developer advocates for product ideas + Jillian's experience working with the development team

12:18 Difference between project management and product management

16:16 Estimating technical task issues with non technical product managers

19:06 Consulting the tech lead or CTO for task management for non technical product managers

21:43 Does it make sense to shift from software development to product after working in the industry for 7 years?

29:08 After 9 years of software develop then to product, did it change Jillian's perspective of the software industry?

31:38 Jillian's experience at ArcelorMittal (a Fortune500 company)34:15 Consideration of entering a corporate job

39:21 Jillian's experience at Payroc, a fintech company

44:00 Should companies hire people who are generalists or specialists?

49:42 Jillian's love for product showed at Payroc, what would happen if she didn't join Payroc? would she transition to product management?

51:39 Bootcamp graduates effect on a product in the perspective of a technical product manager

57:03 Consideration of starting your own startup or playing it safe in the future

01:10:12 Mental health question

01:21:29 Outro

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