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#19 - Liz Acosta: Skyflow, Twilio, From coding bootcamp to Dev Advocacy

Today's episode is with Liz Acosta, Developer Advocate at Skyflow. We have discussed several topics from how to get into developer advocacy, getting into a bootcamp from a non-tech background, and much more.

00:00 Intro

00:42 Liz's introduction

01:49 Liz's current position at Skyflow

03:50 What Skyflow offers

05:44 Use case of handling something on your own versus using a managed service

10:54 Role of a developer advocate

16:07 Advocating a product based on needs

21:28 Authenticity when advocating for a product and knowing your audience

28:01 Liz tells Mohamad that he would be a great developer advocate

29:11 How to get into developer advocacy when not being comfortable around people

34:07 Using developer advocacy as a way to get a job while writing code as a hobby

39:52 Her experience at Twilio working as a software developer after joining a coding bootcamp + Twilio's apprenticeship program called "Hatch"

44:44 Current employment conditions for people starting out

48:25 Coding bootcamps taking advantage of non technical people who are trying to get a tech job

57:18 Companies hiring bootcamp grades but on lower conditions to fit their needs

01:03:27 Personal Experience with coding bootcamps

01:08:57 Shifting from Software development towards Developer Advocacy

01:15:48 Neo-divergence and ADHD affects on learning

01:22:14 Possibility of a career change in the future where Liz considered the idea of becoming a snowboard instructor

01:25:25 Sean's introduction of Liz from her being a dog-walker towards becoming a developer advocate + not working in the film industry

01:31:39 Liz's experience being a cancer survivor

01:40:09 General mental health question

01:44:15 Outro

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