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#18 - Wesley Faulkner: AWS, Community Management, DevRel

Today's episode is with Wesley Faulkner, Senior Community Manager at AWS. We have discussed several topics ranging from community management, community ops, becoming a devrel, and much more!  

(0:00) Podcast intro 

(0:41) Wesley's intro 

(1:19) Being a 1st generation American 

(3:33) Role of a Community Manager at AWS 

(7:36) Being a board member at The Experience Firm 

(11:01) Head of Community at SingleStore 

(13:06) Fostering internal communities within a company 

(19:44) Developer advocacy in a startup and corporate (IBM and Dailyco) 

(23:47) MongoDB Community Management 

(26:12) CommunityOps: operations for maintaining a community 

(30:32) Instructions to adopt CommunityOps in your company 

(37:29) Does having marketing and social media skills help in devrel? 

(40:26) The rise of Slack over Atlassian HipChat while Wesley was working at Atlassian  

(46:07) Managing different roles at AMD 

(49:51) Discovering what you love and finding your outlet of joy 

(51:53) Interesting references and ChatGPT 

(57:07) Using ChatGPT for DevRel 

(1:02:54) Running for 2016 City Council in Austin Texas 

(1:08:35) What to recommend for DevRel based on Wesley's 20 years experience in tech 

(1:13:38) Shifting careers 

(1:17:53) Certifications for DevRel 

(1:15:39) Mental health question  

(1:23:35) Outro   

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